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Dealership Disaster Recovery Planning

Featuring: Brooke Samples - Profit Blueprints LLC

Air Date: April 28, 2022

1pm Eastern/ 12pm Central / 11am Mountain / 10am Pacific

Program Length: 45 minutes 



Minimizing Negative Impacts from Human, Property and Business Emergencies… It’s Always Going to Be Something!


In spite of the economic good times brought about by the pandemic… the last two years started off as a supposed disaster and a true emergency. Few would have predicted the windfalls that auto dealers enjoyed almost universally. The fact is… it could have easily turned out to be a huge disaster for your organization.

That’s just one example. Individual auto dealers suffer more local disasters and emergencies, each of which can be very disruptive and damaging to your enterprise. Weather-related storms can lead to flooding and wind destruction. Human resource issues (through illness, death or resignation) can result in the loss of important key productive employees. And we can easily add to those examples.

Do you have a plan to deal with Disasters and Emergencies that can come your way? Brooke Samples of Profit Blueprints thinks you should. Brooke joins us for a Q&A session focused on an article she wrote to this issue a while back.


Brooke will respond to questions about:


  • What types of Disasters you need to prepare for in advance 

  • What types of Property, Human and Business negative impacts should be targeted

  • What an Emergency Plan for guarding against negative impacts on your property should be included

  • The same for Human and Business impacts…

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