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Buying and Selling in a Hot Market

Featuring: Alan Haig of the Haig Partners

Air Date: May 19, 2022

1pm Eastern/ 12pm Central / 11am Mountain / 10am Pacific

Program Length: 60 minutes 



Dealership Buy/Sells are an almost daily event these days. There are many motivated sellers and perhaps more motivated buyers. Learn the basics from each end of the transactions from M&A Expert Alan Haig


This is your opportunity to view the process in detail from each angle… The Sellers Perspective and The Buyers Perspective.


Alan will deep dive into:

Basics for the Buyer:


  • Your Buying Strategy… Budget?... Brands?... Markets?... and more

  • The Transactional Phase… Choosing Your Advisors… Building a Pipeline… Fulfilling Your Role

  • Post Closing Advice… Live in the Store… Retraining… Investing in All Elements… Finding the Low-Hanging
    Profit Improvements

  • Focusing on Making the OEM a Happy Partner!

Basics for the Seller:

  • Preparing Your Business for Sale… Operating History and Projections… Removing Buyer Concerns… Real
    Estate Appraisals and Capital Expenditure Estimates

  • Going to Market… Sell/Tell Your Story… Create Competition… Stay Actively Involved… Keeping it Friendly

  • Closing Table and Beyond… Study Your Assets and the Contract… Expect some Trouble/Breakage

  • Have a Plan for What Comes Next!

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