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How to Reignite Dormant Leads in your CRM with
State of the Art AI- Artificial Intelligence

Featuring Vikrant Pathak, CEO and Chief Data Scientist at myautoIQ

Air Date: July 20, 2023

1pm Eastern/ 12pm Central / 11am Mountain / 10am Pacific

Program Length: 45 minutes 



A discussion of new Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology tools that automate and address the problem of converting "dead" or "unresponsive" leads back into buyers...without relying on staff to research prospects' needs, or to initiate communications or follow up.

If you have not explored and experimented with AI systems like ChatGPT, you should start now. Bill Gates, among others, has said that the businessperson that does not become familiar with this set of tools will be left in the dust in the near future. The paradigm changes that AI systems will introduce have been compared to the changes brought about by Search and Digital Marketing technology and techniques.

You need to be familiar with how AI applications will work for your dealership organization, and you need to be familiar NOW!

It is now possible to automate a string of prospect communications that are not “canned” or “boilerplated” auto-replies, but highly personalized communications that use everything you know about the customer (vehicle of interest, demographic data, occupation, etc.) and meld that together with brand info about the OEM, the dealership, customer reviews, vehicle influence bloggers and more… to produce a friendly and nurturing message to keep the prospect interested and moving along your sales funnel.

Learn how early adopting dealerships are addressing the missed opportunities of "dead leads" without "hiring follow-up staff" … all using AI and automation. Learn how those dealerships are converting 5-15% dead or unresponsive leads into
closed sales. The time to learn is NOW!

One dealer’s comment-

                   “….does an amazing job of turning cold shoppers into buyers."


Artificial Intelligence Possibilities:

  • Automation to follow up with every shopper as they are — individuals with distinct needs and interests.

  • Convert past leads and past sold customers into a steady pipeline of potential buyers and loyal customers with AI nurturing.

  • Get actionable intelligence for improving the customer experience at your retail auto business and the effectiveness and efficiency of your sales and marketing processes.

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