How to Organize, Compete and Win in
Today’s Digitally Efficient Used Vehicle Marketplace

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Advanced Guide to Pre-Owned Success

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Ed is a top-rated DealersEdge® Expert Instructor with a Used Car Management Track Record of Proven Success.

If Your Used Vehicle Business Is More Like This…

...Than This...

Then You NEED This Guide Book…

          …and it’s not just about the vending machine gimmick!

You Will Explore Used Vehicle
Improvement Topics like…

  • How to Update Your Used Vehicle Process to Compete with New Sophisticated & Disruptive Players in the Market

  • How to Capitalize on Your New Car Dealer Status to Compete with the Big Boxes like Carvana et al.

  • How to Re-think Your Appraisal Process to Acquire More Vehicles at a Better Cost to Market

  • How to Convert Your U.C. Reconditioning Dept. from a “Cost Center” to a “Money-Maker”

  • How to Sell Pre-Owned to Today’s Local, Regional and Global Marketplaces… Grow Your Physical & Digital Territory

  • How to Adapt to a New Selling Process… Preferred By Today’s U.C. Shopper… It’s a New Marketplace You Must Adjust!

  • How to Inventory the Right Vehicles in the Right Quantity, at the Right Time, and at the Right Price Point

What Others Say About Ed French Used Vehicle Training:

“Ed French’s used vehicle plan is simple yet very concrete.  We have been able to improve and sustain our used car volume by 47%... with additional increases expected.  Ed’s contribution to our used car operation cannot be denied."

Joel Groves, General Manager

6 Major Sections Include:

  • New Key Performance Indicators– For Today’s Digitally Efficient Used Vehicle Marketplace

  • Inventory Objectives-  How to plan and forecast your inventory to provide maximum return on investment.

  • Appraisal Effectiveness-  A new way to look at the traditional appraisal process.  How this change in mindset can help ignite huge profit improvements.

  • Reconditioning as a Profit Center– How to change recon from a “cost of doing business” and into a “Profit Center”

  • Digital Parity-  How to give your online shoppers exactly what they are looking for and then how to make your in-dealership process align and complement the online experience.

  • How to Design and Execute a High Performing Dealership website-  What you Must Have on to keep pace with the sophisticated and big box competitors.


Available at $297 - Regular Price $497 - Save $200

30-Day Full Money Back Guarantee if Not Fully Satisfied

Immediate Shipping is FREE to U.S. & Canada

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