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Advanced Guide to Pre-Owned Success



Ed is a top-rated DealersEdge® Expert Instructor with a Used Car Management Track Record of Proven Success.


6 Major Sections Include:


  • New Key Performance Indicators– For Today’s Digitally Efficient Used Vehicle Marketplace

  • Inventory Objectives-  How to plan and forecast your inventory to provide maximum return on investment.

  • Appraisal Effectiveness-  A new way to look at the traditional appraisal process.  How this change in mindset can help ignite huge profit improvements.

  • Reconditioning as a Profit Center– How to change recon from a “cost of doing business” and into a “Profit Center”

  • Digital Parity-  How to give your online shoppers exactly what they are looking for and then how to make your in-dealership process align and complement the online experience.

  • How to Design and Execute a High Performing Dealership website-  What you Must Have on to keep pace with the sophisticated and big box competitors.


More Info:

Advanced Guide to Pre-Owned Success

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