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Checklists For Highly Effective General Managers


Prepare for a much tougher business environment in Q4 and 2023

According to a Sept 2022 COX dealer survey... Auto Dealers are facing:

  • Continued Inflation Pressures

  • General Economic Anxiety

  • Persistently Tight Inventories


Economic changes will soon separate the truly exceptional GMs from the pretenders! PREPARE NOW To Work a Little Smarter!

Purchase for $97 or Receive a FREE Copy with $29 Membership

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Included in this 50 Page DealersEdge Guide:

1.       What it Means to Have a GM’s “360” View of the Enterprise
2.       Three Areas of a GM’s Primary Focus
3.       Daily – GM’s Checklists for “Protecting the Process”
4.       Weekly – A Weekly Deeper Dive Into Operational Metrics
5.       Weekly - Identification of Problems to Fix
6.       Monthly – Forecasting the Next Month for Sales and Service
7.       Monthly – Review of Prospect/Lead Attribution Metrics
8.       Monthly – The Payables Party
9.       Monthly – Financial Statement “Vital Signs” Review
10.    Quarterly – Systems and Process Review and Corrections
11.    Half-Yearly – Shopping both the Sales and Service Experience

Individual Checklist Examples and Templates

1.       Daily – GM/Manager Observations and Meetings
2.       Weekly – Results vs Forecast… Process and Problem Areas
3.       Weekly – Fixed Operations Performance
4.       Weekly – Top 10 Problems Analysis and Corrections
5.       Monthly – Review of Expenses Against Plan and Benchmarks
6.       Quarterly – Financial Statement Overview and Industry Guides
7.       Forecasting Worksheets
8.       Review of Productivity Ratios
9.       Sales Lead Generation and Effectiveness Review

Purchase for $97 or Receive a FREE Copy with $29 Membership

Free Shipping US and Canada

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