Advanced Body Shop Management - Focusing on Marketing and Profits

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Workshop Info:


Air Date: February 11, 2016
Featuring: Gary Edwards, President of Edwards & Assoc Consulting
Program Length: 60 Minutes

Modern Process is important… but to complete the picture of a healthy dealership body shop, the manager must know where profits come from and how to get more.

In Gary's first workshop with DealersEdge, he focused on process, industry guides, how to organize the work flow and yes, how to focus on profits.

In this advanced workshop Gary will drill down on just how to determine where the business comes from so that you can earn a larger share… all the while still keeping an eye on modern management process and the ultimate goal…improving profits.

Gary will focus on:


  • A full understanding of where Body Shop Profits come from
  • Profit Guides & How to You Compare
  • How to Market & Sell More Body Shop services
  • Keeping an eye on Production Scheduling & Work Flow Control

Advanced Body Shop Management - Focusing on Marketing and Profits

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