Aging Parts Inventory - Valued Assets or Worthless Artifacts

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Workshop Info:


Air Date: August 20, 1015
Featuring: Chuck Hartle' of PartsEdge
Program Length: 80 Minutes

As "American Pickers" has demonstrated… some old stuff can be worth some serious cash. In your parts department however, old stuff is mostly just junk!

Chuck offers his views on aging inventory and how you can avoid converting your cold hard cash into less-than-worthless junk!

Almost everyone, at one point or another, has ended up with a basement or garage full of what we thought were valuable items… things that we might find of value some day. Mostly… not reality… it's just junk!

It's not exactly the same dynamic, but many dealerships have parts departments heavily stocked with "stuff" that will never sell, tying up cash, shelf space and employee time. It's way past time to clean out the dead stock!

Attend this Workshop and You Will:


  • Identify the different types of "Idle Inventory"… know what you do and don't have!
  • Be able to Forecast future sources of obsolete parts inventory
  • Discover methods for Purging Idle Inventory and Freeing Up Invested Capital

Aging Parts Inventory - Valued Assets or Worthless Artifacts

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