All Dealership Mgrs: How to Coach Your Team to Success… Easy to Follow Process

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Workshop Info:


Air Date: December 28, 2014
Presenter: Steve Nickelsen of Nickelsen Partners
Program Length: 80 Minutes

Being a successful manager is all about getting the very best out of every member of your team. Learn the magic of one-on-one coaching.

In the car business, being a manager is almost always equated with producing Gross or Net Profits. But that is just how you keep score. The managers who truly succeed have mastered the techniques necessary to connect with each person reporting to them and in the process guide them to the results that will show up on the financial statement.

Join Steve Nickelsen for a 60 minute presentation on the process of one-on-one management coaching. Learn how to standardize team member coaching sessions so that your reporting team members know what is expected of them and how they will achieve success. Follow this process and watch both your team's and department's results reach new record-breaking results.

You will learn:


  • How to schedule 1-on-1 meetings with each team member on a predictable and set schedule
  • How to present and review broad standards and goals for each team member
  • How to make accountability a part of your process… and not just a slogan
  • How to provide support, direction, troubleshooting and guidance
  • How to focus on concrete and measurable actions for each team member
  • How to recognize and reward each team member in line with their performance
  • How to lead your department(s) to success and record-breaking financial results

All Dealership Mgrs: How to Coach Your Team to Success… Easy to Follow Process

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