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Back to Basics Learning Kit: ELR

Effective Labor Rate Management and Control with Ed Kovalchick



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With relatively small adjustments to your pricing formulas you can produce huge bottom line improvements.


With this DealersEdge Learning Kit featuring Ed Kovalchick of NetProfit, you will learn how to Measure, Evaluate and Adjust prices to improve your overall ELR.


Learning Objectives:


-       Accurate Measurement of your ELR

-       Identify the Causes and Impact of a Low ELR

-       How to tie Pay Plans to ELR Performance

-       Pricing Techniques to Enhance your ELR


All available online, but also on a mailed USB Flashdrive.


On your Laptop… Plug and Play:


-       Video MP4 of Ed’s compete Presentation

-       Audio MP3

-       PDF downloads of Presentation Slides and the Executive Summary Report


In your Vehicle via the Sound System… Plug and Play:


-       Audio Soundtrack of complete Presentation.

Back to Basics Learning Kit: ELR

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