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Back to Basics Learning Kit: Financial Statement

Financial Statement Analysis for GMs and Managers

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Reading, understanding and analyzing patterns in your financial statements is the key skill of top performing dealership management. 

If you are just looking at a couple of ratios or target numbers, you are missing a lot… a lot of opportunity!
This Multi-Media Learning Kit will show you:
  • When you sell something- what accounting transaction result
  • When you buy something too
  • How to compare the Statement with departmental reports and DOCs
  • How to keep the Statement accurate
  • How to read and analyze the Balance Sheet
  • When and why to compare your Statement to Industry Benchmarks


All available online, but also on a mailed USB Flashdrive.


On your Laptop… Plug and Play:


-       Video MP4 of Ed’s compete Presentation

-       Audio MP3

-       PDF downloads of Presentation Slides and the Executive Summary Report


In your Vehicle via the Sound System… Plug and Play:


-       Audio Soundtrack of complete Presentation.

Back to Basics Learning Kit: Financial Statement

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