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Business Plan for Service Tool Kit

Jeff Sacks: Habits & Practices of Best General Managers

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How to Advance from Caretaker to Business Builder

You won’t get there if you don’t know where you are going. Create a Business Plan for Fixed Operation Success. 
 Take this opportunity to learn from Don Tipton’s popular planning process as he shows you how to create a bold, but very achievable Business Plan for your Service Department. 
This Multi-Media Learning Kit will show you:
  • How to identify areas in your service operation ripe for improvement
  • How to analyze staff and resources to capitalize on these opportunities
  • How to set a net profit objective compatible with your 'structure'
  • How to determine if your 'process' is compatible with your goals
  • How to create a 'marketing plan' to help your meet your objectives
  • How to keep it all on track for the entire year

Business Plan for Service Tool Kit

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