Create a Professional Image on the Service Drive

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Workshop Info: 

Air Date: Thursday August 17 2017 at 1pm Eastern/ Noon Central/ 11am Mountain/ 10am Pacific
Featuring: Steve Kwiatkowski
Program Length: 75 Minutes

The key to securing a steady stream of service business… for NOW… but also for down the road … is to win the heart and loyalty of your current customers.

It's not just about selling more service and making more menu presentations… It is about getting the customer to like and trust you! Researchers have found that customers make two immediate judgments about individuals and businesses…at the very first contact. Are you "Warm?"… and then are you "Competent?" Failure to get a high enough grade on either and you will fail to win repeat business.

For most dealerships to win in the battle for service business, they need to re-think just what is happening on their service drives. Many, if not most, dealerships are allowing their service advisors to push customers and profits away… down the street and to your competitors. The good news is you can fix it!

You will learn:


  • What a professional service lane workflow (customer process) should look like
  • How to identify gaps in your workflow…and what to do about it
  • How to incrementally improve your process…and fatal errors to avoid
  • How to educate service advisors and customers on the true value of proper maintenance…
  • The single best improvement in customer retention that your advisors can make…and how to make it happen
  • 5 key elements need to become a Trusted Advisor to your customers

Create a Professional Image on the Service Drive

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