Cybersecurity - Evaluating Risk & Protecting Your Dealership

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Workshop Info:


Air Date: Thursday August 4, 2016 at 1pm Eastern/ Noon Central/ 11am Mountain/ 10am Pacific
Featuring: Joe Riccie CPA & Seth Danberry of Withum Smith & Brown
Program Length: 60 Minutes

Phishing, Spear-Phishing, Watering Hole Attacks, Ransomware, Man-in-the-Middle Attacks, Malware, Hacking, SQL Injections - Do you feel a headache coming on?

Dealerships are high value targets for hackers and need to know what is possible and how to prevent cyber intrusions. And if your dealership or group is attacked, you must be prepared in advance on how to respond and recover.

Joe Riccie CPA is the Market Leader of the Cloud Solutions and Management Consulting Team at Withum Smith + Brown…automotive CPAs.

Along with Joe will be Seth Danberry, manager of a team of information security professionals at Withum. Seth has been referred to as the leader of the "friendly hacker team."

You will learn:


  • The types and nature of the various types of cyber-attacks your dealership could experience… how to recognize them when faced with the challenge
  • How malicious cyber criminals think and penetrate organizations
  • How to evaluate your current level of risk from cyber-attacks… how to know when you are ready
  • The costs beyond managing the breach and compliance regulatory reporting
  • What you can do proactively to protect your dealership and its systems from potentially costly and damaging cyber-attacks.

Cybersecurity - Evaluating Risk & Protecting Your Dealership

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