Driving Dealership Profit Five Key Factors Holding You Back and How to Fix Them

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Workshop Info:


Air Date: June 19, 2014
Presenter: Sandi Jerome
Program Length: 80 minutes


Learn the 5 Things that Every Manager Can Focus on Every Month…and Watch Your Profits Grow!

Based on Sandi's vast experience, most dealership managers focus on surface numbers and results for an indication of how well their departments are performing. Her experience also shows that if your managers…from the top down to every department…focused on achieving better performance in just five areas, profits would soar.

Visit with Sandi via this online workshop and learn the five areas of "low hanging fruit" that can help each department, and the dealership as a whole, experience remarkable profit improvements.

You Will Learn:


  • How Lack of Productivity Limits your Growth…where are the opportunities…
  • Rethinking Gross Profit…Overcoming data silos that hide true costs and limit profits
  • Why every dealership needs to rethink their Internal Controls to limit loss
  • How to give managers a better process to unlock cash flows
  • Tools for improved departmental expense control
  • A Five Step Process to Maximize Profits in All Departments and for the Entire Store

Driving Dealership Profit Five Key Factors Holding You Back and How to Fix Them

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