Effective Pay Plan Formulas that Achieve Results

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Workshop Info:


Air Date: December 11, 2014
Presenter: Jeff Sacks Speaker info - www.dealersedge.com/Sacks
Program Length: 80 Minutes

Jeff digs deeply into pay plan design, focusing on not only the transaction side of the business but on customer retention goals as well!

He also addresses the critical need for dealerships to overcome inter department rivalry, and vertical thinking mentality, by designing pay plans that link personnel from various departments together as a cohesive unit… making them partners in the common goal of keeping your customers coming back.

You will learn:


  • The four essential elements of an effective pay plan 
  • The mechanics of how to structure the right pay plan
  • The need for linked pay plan elements… encouraging inter department teamwork 
  • To Recalibrate your GMs pay plan and improve dealership profitability 

Specific examples of pay plans that help drive long term financial success of all dealerships, no matter their franchise or size. Focusing on:

  • Converting sales customers into service customers
  • First time show rate in the service department
  • Repeat customers – sales and service
  • Asset management pay plan elements

Effective Pay Plan Formulas that Achieve Results

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