Fixing the F&I Bottleneck… to Satisfy the Customer's Needs and Demands

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Workshop Info:


Air Date: December 4, 2014
Presenter: Becky Chernek of Chernek Consulting. Speaker info -
Program Length: 80 Minutes


How to speed up the process without damaging F&I profit opportunities. Learn to engage the F&I process with the customer's needs front and center!

It's a cardinal rule of F&I selling… You must present every product… to every customer…every time! But forcing customers through our selling process to facilitate these presentations, often just makes them angry and often sorry they did business with you. And it's not so much the presentations as it is the delays in just getting on the road in their new vehicle.

The bottleneck created by a structured F&I process is the problem… If you agree, listen in to Becky Chernek as she describes ways you can better understand and qualify your customers… helping to create a new process that still makes the presentations, but also respects the customer's desire to complete the transaction quickly.

You will learn:


  • How to create a smooth transition from sales to finance…meeting the customer on their terms
  • How a better transition can help reduce resistance once in the F&I office
  • How to gather quick and reliable credit information and credit history to speed the process
  • How to establish a common bond with the customer early in the engagement… creating a more positive atmosphere
  • How to fine tune your F&I value proposition by conducting a "Product Needs Analysis"
  • How to get them on the road in their new vehicle with a smile on their faces

Fixing the F&I Bottleneck… to Satisfy the Customer's Needs and Demands

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