"Geo-fencing" Offers Auto Dealers Amazing Access to Cell Phones of Customers

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Workshop Info:


Air Date: Thursday May 5, 2016
Featuring: John Possumato of Automotive Mobile Solutions
Program Length: 60 Minutes

Provides the ability to connect with customers and prospects within a defined geographical area… Great for bringing them back into your store. Does not required an installed APP on their phones. Learn how you can employ this amazing technology.

You may be aware of cell phone APPs that once installed on your phone, will allow a retailer (like Target for instance) to alert you to special promotions while you are in the store or maybe even the parking lot. Well, this is even better!

Visit with John Possumato as he discusses "Geo-fencing" and the ability to employ the magic of Mobile (Apple/Google) Wallet, GPS, Bluetooth Beacons, WiFi nodes and other broadcast capabilities to send messages to your customers and prospects depending on where they are… driving past your store… in a competitor's parking lot… near your billboard… use your imagination.

John will reveal:


  • Strategies for getting customers and prospects to "opt in"… opening their cell phones to your messages
  • How you can steal the customer's attention at critical times and locations
  • How your "Alerts" will appear above the "Lock Screen" on most phones giving you immediate visibility
  • Why "Geo-fencing" or "Proximity Marketing" does not violate the FCC's texting regulations
  • Why it is important to be an early adopter of this marketing and relationship building technology

"Geo-fencing" Offers Auto Dealers Amazing Access to Cell Phones of Customers

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