Habits & Practices of Exceptional F&I Managers

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Workshop Info:


Air Date: January 15, 2015
Presenter: Becky Chernek
Program Length: 90 minutes


Learn the skills and habits of the most skilled F&I Managers in the business. By the way… also the most highly compensated.

Jeff Sacks recently identified the F&I Manager as one of the key positions in the dealership where related efforts have most direct flow through impact on the bottom line. He urges General Managers to key in on this position to make sure the right person sits at the F&I control desk.

Becky Chernek will examine the common attributes of the best F&I Managers in the business. From her vantage point, Becky has identified the habits and practices that allow these super performers stand out among their peers. Not surprisingly, these exceptional F&I Managers are also among the most highly compensated.

You will learn…

How these attributes contribute to F&I success:


  • Communication…How to work with and through others for mutual success
  • Goal Setting… How to set defined F&I Goals that set the stage for success
  • Role-Playing… How to think outside the box in difficult F&I settings
  • Continuing Education… How they realize the world is constantly changing and they simply do not know it all… constantly learning from others
  • Performance Analysis… How to effectively track performance and I.D. areas needing improvement
  • Motivation… How exceptional F&I Mgrs do not rely on others to set their motivation levels… they are true "self-starters"!

Habits & Practices of Exceptional F&I Managers

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