How to Achieve & Maintain 100% Service Absorption.

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Workshop Info:


Presenter: Steve Nickelsen of Nickelsen Partners
Original Air Date: September 13, 2012
Program Length: 90 minutes


How top-performing dealerships mobilize the entire dealership management team to achieve 100% Service Absorption - A Case Study Approach

Long the holy grail of dealership profitability, 100+% Service Absorption, has been an elusive target for most dealerships. But the professionals at Nickelsen Partners have studied a number of dealership organizations where 100+%service absorption is the norm and not just an idealistic target that no one expects to hit. They consistently attain 100+% Service Absorption!

One of the things these dealerships have in common is that they went far beyond just setting a goal. Their strategic plan was re-engineered and the entire organization mobilized to achieve this previously difficult-to-attain profitability benchmark.

Join us for this Webinar presentation and learn how you too can attain 100% Service Absorption.

You will also learn:


  • Why 100+% Service Absorption is a worthy goal & why operating the business without undue pressure to sell additional units to remain profitable has many hidden benefits
  • How to build your strategy by including the entire organization in the planning and implementation – It has to be an organizational goal, not just a Fixed Ops objective
  • How to get the entire team “on board” and working to this objective
  • The role ROI plays in a successful 100+% Service Absorption strategy
  • How peer dealerships have employed “out of the box” thinking in their successful implementation of a 100+% Service Absorption strategy
  • How to make 100+% Service Absorption a reality in your dealership(s)

How to Achieve & Maintain 100% Service Absorption.



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