How to Analyze Your DMS Billing and Systematically Reduce Costs!

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Workshop Info:


Presenter: Paul Gillrie of the Paul Gillrie Institute
Original Air Date: December 7, 2012
Program Length: 90 minutes


There is tons of money to be saved by shaving your DMS monthly charges - Learn from the recognized pro. What DMS vendors don't want you to know!

Dealership data processing costs are huge! But according to expert Paul Gillrie, much of what you get invoiced for every month can be either unnecessary or just plain wrong.

Join this session and learn from Paul's insight and analysis of thousands of dealership DMS bills. Find out where you are over-spending…find out where you are getting charged for services you do not use!

You will learn:


  • How your monthly bill compares to other dealers paying for similar services
  • How discounts and benefits negotiated need to be continually checked
  • What typical items appear on monthly bills but are no longer used - what is cancelable
  • Are increases in rates allowed under your agreement
  • Can you get refunds for overpayments

How to Analyze Your DMS Billing and Systematically Reduce Costs!

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