How to Avoid the Costly Threats from Pirated Software Audits and Crypto Viruses

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Workshop Info:


Air Date: December 19, 2013
Presenter: Erik Nachbahr
Program Length: 70 minutes


Erik Nachbahr: "Over 90% of dealerships we have examined have pirated software on their systems!" Judgments of high 6-figures can result!

The dangers are real and the costs are high! The Business Software Alliance (BSA) has targeted auto dealers with one dealer paying close to $1 million in judgments because of pirated software on dealership systems.

Erik Nachbahr helps hundreds of dealers to manage their information system. Avoid the costly audits and attacks from the BSA by being forewarned and alert to the dangers.

And on another computer security front, Erik will discuss criminal attacks on your dealership as well in the form of Crypto Viruses…that lock up computer systems while holding them for ransom. Some sophisticated criminal elements are at work in this area and again auto dealers are a high-value target.

You Will Learn:

How pirated software gets onto your computer system and how to find the culprits
What types of software are most likely to be pirated and installed on your systems
Why and how this seemingly trivial practice can cost you a fortune
Steps to take now to prevent pirated software in your store 
How to prevent having your system "kidnapped" by cyber criminal organizations

How to Avoid the Costly Threats from Pirated Software Audits and Crypto Viruses

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