How to Find, Hire and then Keep Highly Productive BDC Reps

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Workshop Info:


Air Date: Thursday September 29, 2016
Featuring: Joni Stuker
Program Length: 60 Minutes

The tasks of your BDC require some special skills and temperaments. Recruiting the right person, with the base skills, personality traits and ability to learn can be difficult.


Join Joni Stuker as she presents a plan for building a strong and productive BDC… stocked with the best BDC reps available.


You will learn:


  • Where to search for high-potential BDC reps - Innovative recruiting techniques
  • Importance of setting hourly call standards and measurements to determine success
  • How to spot and single out those with the best chance of success
  • Creative word tracks for BDC rep job listings to attract the right person
  • Best practices for using referrals from existing staff
  • How to get them up and productive quickly

How to Find, Hire and then Keep Highly Productive BDC Reps

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