How to Make Parts eCommerce Work for Your Dealership… It's more than just eBay!

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Workshop Info:


Air Date: July 31, 2014
Presenter: David Summers of Autoway Consulting
Program Length: 105 minutes


If you’ve tried selling parts online but gave up due to too much work for too little profit, you need to take another look. The business model has changed.

Don’t overlook the potential of Parts eCommerce. eBay might be the default option for most dealership parts managers trying to make some money with online parts sales but it is far from the only option and might not be the best choice for your store.

Join expert David Summers for a guide to available parts e-commerce choices and a framework to select solutions that best fit your dealership’s parts operations.

You will learn:


  • How to determine if parts e-commerce is right for your dealership
  • Which types of parts e-commerce fit (and don’t fit)
  • Various supplier/solution options and how to evaluate them
  • A practical way to implement parts e-commerce from DMS integration to shipping to payment types and more
  • How to sell more parts, lower your costs and improve customer satisfaction by executing a parts e-commerce plan for your dealership

How to Make Parts eCommerce Work for Your Dealership… It's more than just eBay!

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