How to Plan & Conduct a Strategic Planning Process

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Workshop Info:


Air Date: February 6, 2014
Presenter: Steve Nickelsen
Program Length: 70 minutes

Stop "fighting fires" and start focusing on growing your business…Create solid growth goals and the actionable plan to make it happen!

You can hope that 2014 will produce the growth that you seek…but by now everyone should know that hope is not strategy!

Many, if not most, dealership managers spend most of their time reacting to the "urgent" and the "unexpected" instead of allocating time and energy to the addressing of "business-building" tasks.

Strategic Planning (not just budgeting and forecasting) makes us more effective by forcing us to look ahead…creating a specific set of actions…assigned to specific managers…with a much higher opportunity for success. 

You Will Learn:


  • How effective Strategic Planning can help you achieve your goals
  • About the "Law of the Lid" and how to overcome this predominant mindset
  • A 6-Step Process for getting your Mgt Team excited about Strategic Planning
  • How to formulate the Strategic Planning Agenda
  • How and When to measure results and recognize success

How to Plan & Conduct a Strategic Planning Process

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