How to Self-Audit Your Own F&I Process & Compliance

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Workshop Info:


Air Date: October 24, 2013
Presenter: Terry Dortch, President of Automotive Compliance Consultants
Program Length: 80 minutes


How to minimize financial and reputation damage from customer lawsuits and audits from regulatory agencies! 6 and 7-figure audit liabilities are common. Learn to steer clear of often hidden F&I pitfalls.

Make no mistake, the failure to comply with the many and diverse regulations governing your F&I practices can cost you big bucks. It can also fry your public reputation as regulators, auditors and plaintiff attorneys try to drag your practices and your good name into the hall of shame.

This is absolutely one of those areas where what you don't know (or didn't think was important) can hurt bad. Terry Dortch of Automotive Compliance Consultants will be with us for this detailed look at those items and practices that are causing your fellow dealers the most heartache.

You Will Learn:


  • Why written F&I Policies are important and what they should include
  • What F&I documents have to be retained and for how long
  • Why your F&I Menu is more than a selling tool
  • How to self-audit deal jackets regularly for full compliance
  • What to include in your dealership Code of Ethics
  • How to know you comply with FACTA rules and adverse action issues
  • Why a consistent standardized process is both more profitable and safer

How to Self-Audit Your Own F&I Process & Compliance



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