How Your Dealership Business Plan May be Eroding the Value of Your Enterprise

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Workshop Info:


Air Date: January 14, 2016
Featuring: Stuart McCallum & Steve Schumacher, ASA, CPA from Crowe Horwath LLP
Program Length: 60 Minutes

This is NOT just a Buy/Sell issue… Having a Business Plan that makes your automotive enterprise worth more and more, year after year, is important even if you never plan to sell!

This workshop is not about Blue Sky, what franchises produce the highest multiples, etc. That was all addressed in a previous session by these two respected valuation experts.

In this workshop Stuart and Steve will address mistakes that many dealers make along the way… mistakes that ultimately erode rather than increase value. Some of their observations will surprise you. 

Workshop Take-Aways:


  • How your business plan and specific practices can erode business value
  • How centralized cost-sharing can and sometimes does destroy value
  • How compensation control of key people is an important valuation consideration
  • How real estate size and condition also play a role
  • How to analyze your business plan and processes for their role in valuing your enterprise.
  • Prepare to be shocked by these unintended consequences.

How Your Dealership Business Plan May be Eroding the Value of Your Enterprise

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