Improve your Service Dept 15% - 20% thru New Mgt Process

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Workshop Info:


Air Date: May 23, 2013
Presenter: Lloyd Schiller
Program Length 95 minutes


If you continually find yourself "balancing" your best technicians' hours by giving them "gravy" maintenance tasks, a "re-think" is in order. 

Improvements include a much better-served customer, improved CSI & profitability, and a better-focused management team!

The 1980s saw the introduction and growth of teams, simple support groups and lateral support groups…all of which provided benefits to smooth shop operation. But the accelerating growth and influence of advanced technologies are forcing some primarily large and high-line dealerships to conclude that a new organization in service is required to help them make the grade.

Join Lloyd for this special presentation, featuring two case studies of a "re-thinking" of how the service department organizes and compensates productive technicians for a smoother, faster and more profitable work flow.

Caveat: Lloyd cautions that smaller dealers and most Asian import dealerships will not find an immediate application for the lessons learned via these case studies. But if you have 15 or more technicians, are a large High Line or Domestic Dealership, the ideas and suggestions will definitely apply.

You will learn:



  • How to re-engage managers in the dispatching of work so that the best technician available gets the job that fits his/her skills most closely
  • How to alter pay plans to match the skill needed to satisfy the customer quickly and efficiently - one dealership case study involves a union shop
  • How to organize the shop workforce so that all are focused on the customer's immediate needs
  • Why all this leads to improvements in CSI, in job satisfaction and department profits

Improve your Service Dept 15% - 20% thru New Mgt Process

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