Mega-Trends Impacting Auto Retail Today… Highlights from the Haig Report

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Workshop Info: 

Air Date: Thursday August 24 2017 at 1pm Eastern/ Noon Central/ 11am Mountain/ 10am Pacific
Featuring: Alan Haig, Founder & President of Haig Partners
Program Length: 60 Minutes

Maintaining the elevated level of profits enjoyed by new car dealers in recent years has become increasingly difficult. However, trends noted in the Haig Report also hold promise for tax relief, multiples and ROI. The party is not over yet!

Join Alan Haig, Founder and President of the Haig Partners… a dealership buy/sell advisory firm… as he highlights the mega-trends that are having significant impact on dealership profits, valuations and ROI in 2017 and beyond.

For many auto dealers, the impact of some of these trends is making business tougher… but Alan urges you to hang on, other pending tax changes could prove to be a huge valuation benefit to both buyers and sellers. He’ll explain!

Alan will highlight:


  • Macroeconomic Indicators- both the good and the not so good
  • Light vehicle sales, inventories, incentives, lease penetrations, etc.
  • The erosion of vehicle gross profits and dependence on F&I and Service to replace flagging bottom lines
  • Trend for dealership expenses to grow faster than gross profits
  • How potential tax changes can benefit both buyers and sellers… yes benefit!
  • How dealers can grow in tougher times… the party is not over yet!

Mega-Trends Impacting Auto Retail Today… Highlights from the Haig Report

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