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Parts Super Stars Tool Kit

Brooke Samples: Parts Super Stars

Just $39 and Shipping is FREE


Super Star performance in Parts Management will be evidenced in your Financial Statements and also in your DMS Inventory Mgt system reports.  And other ways too!

Join Brooke Samples as she Defines Super Star Parts Manager Performance!

There a few better skilled than Brooke Samples at digging into a dealership’s financial reports to extract evidence of exceptional performance… or... areas that are in dire need of improvement.


Join Brooke as she explores:


  • Benchmarks of Success – Account-by-Account – How to catch errors and theft

  • Common reasons you are not hitting the Benchmarks

  • How to truly measure the quality and quantity of your inventory

  • Best Practices of very successful parts managers

  • How Parts can help and support the other Dealership Profit Centers

Parts Super Stars Tool Kit

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