Service Menu Design & Profit Structuring…Art & Science

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Workshop Info:


Air Date: June 18, 2015
Presenter: Ray Branch of the KEEPS Corp
Program Length: 70 Minutes

How to Reverse Engineer Your Service Menus to improve profits while still selling tons of discounted menu services.

Ray Branch visits us again to reveal simple steps that you can take to reverse engineer your promotional service menus…without giving away the profits… and without giving away your customers to competitors.

Ray is famous for his scientific approach to repair order analysis and can help you revolutionize your service lane selling success. 

Bonus: Ray also has a spreadsheet tool for menu creation that will prove most helpful in creating service menus that help you increase sales, while also fattening the bottom line - Yours free when you register and attend this workshop.

You will learn:


  • How to be competitive and still make better than satisfactory profits
  • How to get Service Advisors to sell Menu services
  • The keys to "Reverse Engineering" your Service Menus
  • Custom "word tracks" to help Advisors close more Menu Sales
  • Pay Plans for getting your menu up and running successfully and quickly

Service Menu Design & Profit Structuring…Art & Science

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