Six Profit Leaks in New and Used Sales Departments - and How to Plug Them

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Workshop Info:


Presenter: Steve Nickelsen of Nickelsen Partners
Original Air Date: October 7, 2010
Program Length: 1 hour 17 minutes


If buying a car or truck is a complicated process, then selling one is even more so. Ordering, stocking, advertising, displaying, analyzing, financing, CSI surveys, compensating sales staff, keeping that same staff motivated and productive - all make for a very busy department - even when you are selling fewer units than you were a few years ago. Dealers who have survived the last couple of years really know how to squeeze a nickel and necessity has demanded that they find a few new ways to bring more profit to the bottom line. Steve Nickelsen of Nickelsen partners has had a front row seat through these tough times and has witnessed some creative methods for finding new ways to make money in the new and used vehicle departments. In this webinar Steve will highlight six often overlooked profit opportunities in your variable operations and how you can bring more money to the bottom line.

Six Profit Leaks in New and Used Sales Departments - and How to Plug Them

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