The Habits & Practices of the Exceptional General Manager

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Presenter: Jeff Sacks
Air Date: Thursday July 12 2018 at 1pm Eastern/ Noon Central/ 11am Mountain/ 10am Pacific
Program Length: 60 minutes 

What are the common traits that allow some Automotive General Managers to stand out among their peers? Those that do stand out…what makes them tick?

Jeff Sacks, for many years, has conducted a well-known and respected training session, specifically focused on the role of the dealership General Manager. Through this and other professional experiences, he has interacted with thousands of dealership GMs.

Jeff is taking all this insight and perspective and will visit with us to discuss just what makes General Managers…well…Exceptional…the best of the best. So join us for this workshop and learn either what you need to do to join the ranks of the Exceptional… or maybe what to look for in prospective GMs or GMs-in-training.

You will learn:

  • What the best GMs do every day to stay on top
  • How to successfully get your team to embrace your vision
  • How to transition your efforts from doing to delegating
  • Meetings: How many and how often? 
  • The key metrics to manage and monitor by department
  • How to create the ideal General Manager pay plan

The Habits & Practices of the Exceptional General Manager

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