Why 70% of Used Car Depts Underperform

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Workshop Info:

Air Date: Thursday, June 1 2017
Presenter: Steve Nickelsen
Program Length: 80 minutes

Learn to identify and exploit the "low-hanging fruit" in your Used Vehicle Departments. Make Used Vehicles a Profit-Producing Powerhouse!

For Sales & Senior Management

Steve Nickelsen has identified the Key Strategies, Processes, and Functions that are the building blocks of a pre-owned department. Some dealerships have already doubled their used-vehicle sales by implementing these concepts. 

Steve will share with you some ideas on how to modernize your approach to used car management and marketing in the new "efficient" 21st century marketplace.

You Will Learn:


  • How to "lift the lid" of past performance and start acting on the possible
  • How perceived "warmth & competence" impact the customer's buying decision
  • How improving in several key areas can kick start performance improvements
  • Why focusing on these performance shortfalls will ignite explosive Used Car growth
  • How to transform your Used Vehicle Depts into profit-producing powerhouses!

Why 70% of Used Car Depts Underperform

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