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Presenter: Sandi Jerome,
Original Air Date: August 26, 2010
Program Length: 1 Hour 20 Minutes


Dealership controllers and office managers have all been there... The dealer reads an article or returns from a 20-Group meeting and immediately asks "Are we doing this?" And while those questions often add to the stress of the day, they should be asked. If you could just learn some tricks and strategies for managing the many tasks of the Dealership Controller and Office Manager positions, then you can manage these issues with calming confidence. Join us for just 90 minutes as former Super Controller Sandi Jerome shares with you some of her checklist and time management tips for dealership controllers and office managers. How is it done? Sandi will help you reach the goal of calming confidence - don't miss it!

Zen and the Art of Time & Multi-Task Management for Today's Super Controller

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