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The GM's AI Meeting Hack - 3 Quick & Easy Steps for the Morning Manager Huddle

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Create Organization, Accountability and Teamwork with AI Aided Daily 15 Minute Huddles

In the fast-paced environment of an auto dealership effective communication and streamlined operations are crucial for success. Leveraging AI tools to document morning huddle meetings where the general manager and key department heads— including sales service parts finance and accounting—convene to discuss daily objectives can revolutionize the way these vital sessions are recorded and analyzed.

By capturing detailed notes and action items accurately and efficiently AI not only enhances accountability and follow-through but also ensures that no critical information is overlooked enabling dealership teams to stay aligned and focused on their goals.

Use this hack and you will be able to create and send a fully detailed Memo to all attendees helping to underscore the importance of each action item and your expectations for their follow-up.

Here is an AI Hack for collecting the information exchanged during these vital huddles so that you can document the items discussed and spell out any deliverables expected.

Daily manager huddles should take no longer than 15 minutes and to be chaired by the GM.

3 Easy Steps Using these Basic Tools:

Step 1: Digitally record the meeting either with a digital recorder or your smartphone. Just ensure that you have access to a digital recording (MP3) for all that is said by the GM and the manager-attendees. Employ this MP3/Audio File in MS Word's Transcribe feature to create a transcript all that was said.

Step 2: Using Word or similar word processing software, use the Dictate feature to import the recording of the meeting. (In Word this can be found on the “Home” tab and then under a tag titled “Dictate” – under the drop-down click on “Transcribe” and select your MP3 file.)

Do not be concerned that the transcript created may be less than readable. ChatGPT (and other AI platforms) do not require that the document follow typical writing conventions for this purpose. A typical verbatim transcript may appear to be jumbled and of limited value. However AI has proven to be able to comprehend the topics discussed and any resulting conclusions. Save the Transcript for use as an attached source file for a ChatGPT conversation.

Step 3: Using entry level ChatGPT features attach the Transcript text file to the query line and then ask the chatbot to prepare a Meeting Memo for all attendees based on the content of the transcript. Almost instantly ChatGPT will produce an output that looks something like the one below… but with the exact specifics of your actual meeting. Minor editing is all that is usually needed.

If using ChatGTP your query may look something like this:

Almost instantly, ChatGPT will create a Memo for you to distribute to your managers that looks like the one below.


- Underscores how serious you are about running a tight ship

- Reminds each stakeholder of their responsibility to the group

- Sets the stage for the next daily huddle

Will everyone get more done? Absolutely!

Will everyone be in tune with the GM's Priorities? Absolutely!

AI has the power to listen deeply to what has been said and then organize those thoughts so that team members can proceed in confidence.

Within 10 minutes of adjourning your Daily Huddle, you will have a Summary Memo that will look something like this to distribute… maybe before then get back to their desks: (All extracted by AI in an organized and actionable Memo.

This AI Meeting Hack was adapted from the popular DealersEdge Guide: General Manager's Desk Reference and Operating Guide. It's just a small sample of what in included in this extremely useful and insightful manual. See below how you can obtain a copy...


This DealersEdge Resource Manual will provide the most useful and comprehensive collection of dealership management wisdom available…

It’s in an organized style that allows for Quick Reference for dealing with specific daily challenges…

or as the GM’s Guidebook, it can be read and studied from start to finish.

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